Variable Speed Compressor

An effective energy saving solution, that can
save up to 30% of energy costs.




Variable Speed Compressor


The RMAir VSD range offers optimum energy efficiency with premium inverter drives and high efficiency motors.

The RMAir VSD compressor provide an effective energy saving solution, and in qualified applications it saves up to 30% of energy costs. The compressor is run by an inverter that has been specifically designed for high performing compressor applications. This inverter senses the compressed air system pressure and causes the compressor to speed up and slow down in response to demand for compressed air. The result is any energy lost through off load running can be significantly reduced and the inverter ensures that the compressor accurately maintains system pressure.


Motor range: 2.2 kW – 160 kW

Capacity range: up to 910 cfm

Capacity range: up to 910 cfm

Efficiency:Variable speed technology & high efficiency motors

Type: Oil lubricated or Oil free air systems


The RMAir VSD compressor will be practically effective in saving energy where there are significant peaks and troughs in demand for compressed air. It can also be effective when combined with a standard fixed speed compressor to top up a compressed air system during times of variable demand.

The perfect choice for users who have a variable compressed air demand.

The compressors use a high performance inverter to smoothly alter the motor speed in response to demand for air, ensuring there is no offload running. You only pay for the compressed air you use. In many cases this can reduce energy costs by 35% or more, with paybacks from around 6-18 months.

The inverter further saves energy by accurately maintaining the system pressure within a 0.1 bar margin, and by soft starting which reduces start up current peaks and wear on the motor and drive system. The RMAir variable speed compressors mirror the demand for air by altering the motor speed ensuring you only pay for the air you use.

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