Oil Free Compressed Air Class 0




Oil Free Compressed Air Class 0


RMAir manufacture the PURE range oil free air compressors here in the UK. The compressed air discharged from the Ecotec has a quality down to 0.002 mg/m3, it converts silicone to silca (vital for paint spraying), reduces bacteria and also offers pure condensate. This new generation technology offers the highest quality of compressed air in the market today compared to traditional oil free compressors which compresses the hydrocarbons in the ambient air which can be class 1 or higher. This revolutionary compressors further offers enhanced energy savings and reduced servicing costs.


Motor range: 2.2 kW – 160 kW

Capacity range: up to 910 cfm

Capacity range: up to 910 cfm

Efficiency: Fixed Speed / variable speed

Type: Oil free air systems ISO 8573 Class 0


Efficiency: High efficiency motors are used throughout the range offering less consumed power than standard motors.

Design: The compressors have been developed for ease of maintenance and reliability. The compressors can also be serviced from the front allowing them to be positioned against a wall.

Low Noise: Extremely low noise operating levels allow positioning of compressors within the work place, even in the immediate vicinity of personnel

Manoeuvrability: The complete range of RMAir compressors have specifically designed holes for forklifts enabling ease of installation.

Low Maintenance: Careful placement of service items allow for ease of maintenance and reduction in costs

Reliability: High quality compressors suitable for all industrial and automotive applications.

Full Aftercare: Compressors are built in the UK offering a full Technical, Service and Sales backup.

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