Ecotec Oil Free Air – Class 0

Ecotec Oil Free Air – Class 0


The RMAir Ecotec Oil Free compressed air system offers absolute Oil Free compressed air – Pure Class O air

The EcoTec Converter uses one single process for the removal of oil from compressed air and condensate.

Oil contamination in compressed air and condensate has always been expensive to remove and has traditionally demanded several separate stages of filtration and treatment equipment. With the RMAir EcoTec Converter, oil contamination can be removed in one single stage resulting in absolute oil-free air and pure condensate.

The system can be installed directly into the existing compressed air line. Oil and other hydrocarbon compounds carried over from the compressor(s) in the compressed air and condensate are ‘cracked’ using a catalytic process and oxidised using the oxygen within the compressed air.

The EcoTec converter offers an uninterrupted supply of oil-free compressed air (residual oil content approximately 0.003mg/m³) and oil-free condensate (< 2mg/l), compressed air quality better than ISO 8573-1, Class 0. Service intervals are longer than 20,000 hours making the unit very easy to maintain and particularly cost effective when compared to other forms of oil removal compressed air treatment equipment. The operating efficiency of the EcoTec converter remains constant regardless of the amount of oil contamination or moisture levels in the air.